Our Story


As your leading provider of socially conscious media

We take pride in offering a wealth of information and insight in our publications and broadcasts. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our clients each and every day. Our Founder and CEO, Jeff Hodges is passionate about providing this outlet of resources and information for our youth. Mr. Hodges created this media platform in order to achieve his goal of aiding the youth with a focal point in the urban environment to become future leaders and productive individuals, by maximizing their full potential.

We have been in service since 2008, working alongside some of our community leaders and guest experts, growing our business linked to you, with our youth in mind.. 

"Jeff Hodges passions have always been media and broadcasting. He began pursuing a career in multi-media after realizing he wanted to bring his dream into fruition. He’s hosted successful radio shows with one being translated into five languages. His determination was fueled by a compelling need to change the path of youth in his community. Jeff mentors the youth, and is a speaker who motivates them to change their lives, as he once had to go through the transformation himself.

Jeff visits detention centers to spread his understanding of what it takes to change through the enlightenment he gained in his own struggles. Because of this, he’s created a series of positive media projects to break the cycle of violence and poverty in communities. It is through multi-media that he wishes to convey a message of hope that will encourage future generations.

His motto is one that follows an old adage that says, “You know you’re on the right road when the right people begin to cross your path”. It is this mindset that propelled him towards achieving his vision of having a positive effect on others. It brought in his path many passionate activists and individuals who also wanted to encourage his mission. He began a magazine, started a poetry collection,Perspective Poetry Magazine , and moved on to create his own television series called On Location featured on COX cable channel 18 .

He wishes to convey a message of hope that will encourage future generations to “Change your thinking, change your life,” a creed that he’s dedicated his work and purpose to. He is now the Founder & CEO of  YMPmedia1 Network LLC .

His magazine Young Men's Perspective Magazine has a following of over 50,000 people through social media outlets. A published poet himself, he has now published writers from all over the world. His dedication to changing the world around him has been described as, “a single minded devotion,” to his community and the world. A life transformed from prison to success, with his story to follow in an autobiography.Jeff Hodges is the actual dream comes true."

Mission Statement: 

 YMP is your premier conscious magazine for issues our young men & young adults of Today are facing, offering solutions & ideas that apply to your particular lifestyle. Giving insight into politics, Education culture and the kind of options for our youth coming home from the juvenile justice system require, an provide that necessary outlet. Sharing a format to what you can do, where to go. Regarding information and statistics and how the recidivism rate affects you. From individuals who have walked the walk, and not just talk the Talk.

Our intended impact:

How will YMPmagazine/radio have any impact for their target audience,With a Mentoring component an a stay in touch with the streets sort of alignment which keeps us on the cutting edge of being able to always relate an convey our message of inspiration, love of self, growth an Educating One self to our listners/readers.  

 Vision Statement:

Jeff Hodges is the Founder/ CEO./Producer/Host/Editor-in-Chief of Young Men's Perspective Magazine/radio  www.blogtalkradio.com/ympmagazine  launching a brand New Magazine,It's  been Mr. Hodges desire to reach out to our youth 18-35 to give insight information an enlightenment from a host of Contributors working in and around our communites utilizing their Educational an inspiring approaches geared toward our troubled youth. Mr. Hodges hosted  numerous interviews with some of the best an brightest minds raising an speaking to the issues our youth face.YMP Magazine/radio an our contributors are Looking to uplift an give informative dialogue an perhaps a boost of inspiration to our youth of Today.