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Olivia Alexa

 Peace Family, be sure and check out another #informative segment of #YMPRADIO

Our special guest #OliviaAlexa

She joined us to discuss her herbal line, being a #lifecoach#relationshipcoach and so much more 


Dr. Steve Perry

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If you missed the #episode featuring Dr. Steve Perry, be sure to check it out here!  Listen

Black Rob

We sat down for this exclusive with Black Rob  initially to discuss  health issues ( Stroke) and no longer being with Diddy ( Dropped from label). 

Well one thing led to another on the show to say the least and what we all witness and heard is a Man in pain holding on to something from his past.

 #Blackmendealandheal is my last word on the matter......I had to do my research of what happened the other night on #YMPradio#Itsbiggerthanhiphop with our guest former Bad Boy recording artist Black Rob  ! I came across this exclusive from #Thisis50 and this family speaks volumes to what holding a 20 something year grudge will have you looking like 👉 start @ 18:15min #YMPRADIO exclusive Black Rob 

Well this is what I had in mind for a sit down, had Black not been in a altered state could of articulated: His feelings of being abandoned, left for dead and his music no longer being made available.......instead you choose to be belligerent, incoherent, unprofessional and disrespectful on my show........#Blackmandealandheal

Bruce George

Founder of the Genius is Common Movement, Co-founder of Russell Simmons' Def Poetry Jam on HBO. Bruce George was in the building, #YMPradio 


Florence Sayo Fasan

Once again another great episode of Young Men's Perspective Radio! Special guest Florence Fasan joined us to discuss her new book " BOSS MODE", being a serial entrepreneur and her  #MissEleganceGeorgia pageant event this July 23rd 2017 at Atlanta Evergreen Marriott Conference Resort and so much more.. Salute and continue success Flo Sayo Fasan!  Listen

Tamika GeorgiaMe Harper

Look who was in the building as a #YMPradio special guest Tamika GeorgiaMe Harper 


and KUUMBA Award Winner​




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@YMPmagazine Spring 17 Edition


  Check out our #exclusive interview with Author, activist, pastor and producer Kevin E. Taylor, Pastor/Author/Host. He shares the power of a 40 year love affair with his favorite singer Natalie Cole and the great adventure that is his life!
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Feature STORY

Both Sides Of The Game : Harold ” Pete” Johnson @ympmagazine #Exclusive

 Many who played in the streets (a hustlers terminology) by no means do I consider playing with ones life a game; however they are either still out there ,if not left for dead in jail or are actually murdered in the streets eventually.  There are a few who decided not to waste this second chance of an opportunity called life, after playing ” Both Sides Of The Game.   

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"The Bridge shortens for our youth, as the gap widens for the next generation.. Who sees past tomorrow for our At-Risk Youth?"

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Young Men's Perspective is a quarterly interactive digital and hard copy magazine, and weekly online radio show designed to strengthen character and promote success through inspiration and information. Our mission is to use the magazine and radio show to engage, encourage and enrich our youth so that more of them succeed in life.

       We specialize in functional expertise with an emphasis on strategy, leadership skills and education. The scope is broad and includes the entire spectrum of leading and emerging industries. Utilizing the global capacity of the web we appeal to a cross cultural demographic that is all inclusive. We create a unique experience in which subscribers read, view and listen to insight and knowledge from a wealth of successful businessmen and women.

 Jeff Hodges Founder/ CEO

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Inside this edition

Kevin E. Taylor

THIS IS MY STORY! Author, activist, pastor and producer--those are all jobs that Kevin E. Taylor holds, but what holds them (and him) all together is the faith that his mother taught him in the projects of DC, the power of a 40 year love affair with his favorite singer Natalie Cole and the great adventure that is his life as a black gay boy who grew into a big, strong man of faith. Whether enjoying success that has placed him before greats like Cole, Stevie Wonder, Mariah Carey, Maxwell, Brandy, legends like Lena Horne, Nancy Wilson and Tina Turner or avoiding 2 fiery plane crashes that costed the world a young singer on the rise to mega-stardom and the greatest day of terrorism in American history, which happened 18 days apart, Taylor has been blessed to live a life of big dreams and he's real and raw in his story about his wonderful, wondrous life! 

Check out this exclusive interview , for this 2017 spring edition featuring Kevin E. Taylor


Shaka Senghor

 From street legend to legendary community activist.

Ympmedia has had numerous writers but none stood out more than

Author of Writing My Wrongs,Shaka Senghor, he writes about the tragedies that led to him going to prison and shares his transformation with transparency. He sits down with YMP to share why " Your worst deeds don't define you." 



6 Steps How to Tap Into Your Fullest Passion, Power and Purpose

Bob Mackey

Bob Mackey is dynamic and caring professional who uses his gifts for inspiration and motivation to inspire young men and women to achieve success in life.  

Check out our exclusive YMPM interview on our #Iheart radio show, we sit down with Bob who's record of service to our youth is impressive


7 Clear, Concise and Consistent Lessons To Becoming An Entrepreneur. #BossMoves


Dr. Dick Gregory

 Our founder Jeff Hodges with the legendary Dr. Dick Gregory. #Atlanta #UptownComedyCorner  

 Check out our exclusive archive interview with Dr. Dick Gregory and our founder Jeff Hodges  LISTEN

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing

 YMPmedia had the honor and pleasure to sit down with DR. frances Cress Welsing, Author of The Isis Papers and creator of the Cress-Welsing theory analyzing the nature of white supremacy. The global system Welsing refers to as the cornerstone of the white supremacy power base consists of “patterns” that are found in nine areas of human activity: economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex and war.


Dr. Maya Angelou

 Dr. Maya Angelou is a remarkable Renaissance woman who is hailed as one of the great voices of contemporary literature. As a poet, educator, historian, best-selling author, actress, playwright, civil-rights activist, producer and director, she continues to travel the world, spreading her legendary wisdom. Within the rhythm of her poetry and elegance of her prose lies Angelou’s unique power to help readers of every orientation span the lines of race. Angelou captivates audiences through the vigor and sheer beauty of her words and lyrics.  Dr. Angelou,  joined YMPmedia for an exclusive interview,


YMPmedia Featured Artist

Jase Makermusic Lead singer of PLATINUM selling R&B group Soul For Real... Remember "Candy Rain"


 GEMSTONES stop in "It's Bigger Than Hip Hop" talking about transforming his life and lyrical content, that new album drop, "Elephant in the room" and how the industry is so dirty. 


Professor Griff

It's bigger Than Hip Hop host ICEJUSTICE sits down with  Prof Grif  (Min. Of Information) an internationally renowned educator, writer, producer, musician, platinum recording/spoken word artist, lecturer and founding member of the pioneering and revolutionary hip hop group Public Enemy. 


What a " LIKE " can do!

Taking a negative and turning it into a positive and Show you what a " LIKE " can do. Just a 4 year old aspiring Entertainer; seen on Mediatakeout,The Shaderoom & Celebrities pages 

exclusively in YMPMagazine spring edition

Campaign against Illiteracy

Dr. Roma Benjamin

 Dr. Roma Benjamin a retired Harrisburg PA principal who said enough is enough! She is a youth literacy advocate who is traveling across the US opening reading centers to better serve our youths in learning how to READ! With an overwhelming 87% of Black and Hispanic children not reading at grade level, Dr. Benjamin is ensuring our children are educated for the future at hand with her state of the art reading learning academy.Fight against Illiteracy "87% Black, 85% Hispanic & 62% White Children CAN'T READ! TestOurKids  


Dr.Marco Clark

 Dr. Clark is a young visionary leader on the rise with an urgent message to deliver about the state of urban education/youth. Currently, he serves as Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Richard Wright Public Charter School for Journalism and Media Arts in Washington, DC.

Dr. Clark has appeared JET magazine and The Huffington  Post. He also serves as a regular educator contributor on numerous radio talk shows across the country.

 In addition to being a regular educator contributor on various radio talk shows, he can be seen in various venues throughout the country as the Keynote Speaker or Lecturer.His most topical works include authoring “Hip-Hop Goes to College”, Silence Those Lambs “They Don’t Want Us to Know” and “Do As I Say, Not As I Do” due for release this summer.Dr. Clark is also a proud member of the Omega Psi Phi, Fraternity Incorporated.Fight against Illiteracy "87% Black, 85% Hispanic & 62% White Children CAN'T READ!  TestOurKids


Roy Dockery

 Roy Dockery who's on a mission addressing illiteracy, working on a platform to encourage dramatic changes in our communities by focusing on three key factors, Literacy, Identity, and Equity. 

Mr. Dockery continues to spread his message of learning how to read by the end of 3rd grade to the urban communities by speaking with religious institutes and encouraging them to evaluate their children’s reading skills with an online reading evaluation company, TestOurKids


Mr. Dockery states that “change and opportunity for our youth in America will come but we need to educate them first with learning how to read, and then we will inspire a new generation of leaders to continue the fight for a better tomorrow”. 



Bill Duke

  Young Men"s Perspective magazine  sat down with Director, Producer, Actor, Writer and Global Humanitarian, Bil Duke, Jr. on YMPM radio In addition to his work on screen,we get it in about some of his work off discussing his Duke Media Foundation: The Duke Media Foundation provides media training for grade school and high school children in conjunction with the Educating Young Minds not-for profit learning center. Additionally, the foundation supports fundraising efforts for organizations involved in foster care, HIV/AIDS education, nutritional education, financial literacy, and gang intervention. Recently, with the help of Congresswoman Diane Watson, the Duke Media Foundation received a $100,000.00 Congressional Grant for the training of young people in creation of media and emerging platforms. 


Malik Yoba

 Abdul-Malik Kashie Yoba, better known by his stage name Malik Yoba, is an actor and occasional singer, shares with YMPM during this series of "How'd you get so successful"? Some very powerful jewels!

 Malik Yoba's father taught him a saying: "Build your own generator so when they turn off the power, you still have lights."

The actor has taken that advice to heart, carving out his own opportunities in Hollywood.

He's appeared on screen steadily in the two decades since Yoba first came to fame in 1993's "Cool Runnings." But he's also a playwrite, musician and marketing executive



 YMPM gets it in with this  groundbreaking international and award winning Documentarian. As founder of iYAGO ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, LLC, he states "the company came into existence to reflect both the conscious and the unconscious soul of Black America.

Janks Morton has been in the entertainment industry for more than 20 years and is a much sought-after teacher, lecturer, commentator and motivational speaker. He has convened workshops, seminars and served as panelist and keynote speaker at colleges, universities, prisons, conferences, churches and community centers around the world.In delivering his first feature length documentary, "WHAT BLACK MEN THINK", JANKS MORTON took on the role as producer, director, cameraman, lighting, editing, mixing, entrepreneur, graphic artist, actor, auteur and more. The call to action through one simple question "Are there more black men in jail or college?" challenges not only Black Americans, but every American, to rethink their perceptions about Black Male Identity. Because of the extensive and pervasive amounts of misinformation around Black Men in popular culture, the statistically supported revelations of WHAT BLACK MEN THINK have been critically acclaimed by BET, CNN, C-Span, Essence Magazine, The Washington Post, The  LA Times, Russ Parr, Michael Baisden and numerous of other media outlets. 


7 Clear, Concise and Consistent Lessons To Becoming An Entrepreneur. #BossMoves

6 Steps How to Tap Into Your Fullest Passion, Power and Purpose

Young Gifted and Black:

How'd You Get So Successful?

Dan Martin

YMPM sits down with Actor Dan Martin to find out "HOW'D YOU GET SO SUCCESSFUL The series Definition of Print Media

" You are about to embark on a trans-formational experience the stories ideas an information shared during this very special series can actually change your life! the ...success stories told by the positive examples of high achievers, will be that of a reflection of many of you the listeners. the idea an concept to this particular show of course is not new, it was developed to read as a road map...the principles are really clear cut an no need to find it by trial or error!!! it is my intention with this series to assist you in acquiring the wisdom an patience to intelligently an effectively make the necessary change to bring you to the road of success we all so deserve! 


Brandon Pope

 YMPM gets it in with Brandon Pope 14 year old entrepreneur Self motivated and has an incredible work ethic for his age,his business venture Brandon's Bounce House & Photography. Which has been up and running since June 2011.  Where he rents his three inflatable bounce structures for parties and other events, he also takes photographs with one of his three cameras. Not surprisingly, he's a member of the Future Business Leaders of America!   LISTEN

Gary Anthony Sturgis

 YMPM discovers How Gary Anthony Sturgis defines successactor/writer/director best-known for his portrayal of the villain in two of Tyler Perry's biggest hit films, "Diary of A Mad Black Woman" (as Jamison Jackson) and "Daddy's Little Girls" (as Joseph Woods). He also co-starred opposite Terrence Howard in "Pride as the charming yet sinister pimp/drug dealer Franklin Washington. Recently, he has stepped out the role of bad guy to co-star in the comedy "Chicago Pulaski Jones" with Kel Mitchell and Cedric the Entertainer" 


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